LostSeeker was founded in 2001 by Jennifer McHale and Douglas Martin. We were people who’d lost touch with our soulmates through unknown circumstances… one day we woke up and we couldn’t feel them anymore.

Over time, we discovered we weren’t the only ones. People lose their soulmates every day, and thousands of people wondered whether their soulmate might still be out there, waiting for them.

Formerly LostSeeker.com, we’re currently in litigation to regain our original web address, but as LostSeeker.org we remain the most dedicated resource for seekers online. We’re not the first site out there that helps people connect to their lost mates, and we’re grateful to all the sites that have blazed our trail for us. LostSeeker strives to be up-to-date, fully-moderated, and easy to use… nothing should stand in the way of getting you and your soulmate together.

We wish all our users luck with their searches! And if you happen to find your soulmate via LostSeeker, please contact us and tell us your success story… we’d love to include it on the site!